“Hello, my creative friend and welcome to this website where you can get inspired through my drawing tutorials and video courses, blog posts on sketching and interviews with the best hand renderers in the world! I hope you will enjoy the journey!”
— Olga Sorokina
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Olga Sorokina

interior DESIGNER, artist & AUTHOR


I'm an interior designer, artist, trainer and author of a book on interior design drawing with markers "The SKETCH" (available on Amazon). I have received numerous international prizes for both design and architecture and I'm so glad to share my knowledge in design drawing and sketching with you!

Originally I'm from St. Petersburg, Russia, lived for 3 years in Copenhagen, Denmark, now I live with my husband in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Biggest passion: My passion is to draw and create video courses where I teach interior designers and interior design students on how to draw their projects with markers by using perspective and in a professional manner.

Background: I graduated at Saint-Petersburg State Art Academy (Russia), MSc in Arts (interior design).

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from my students


Olga's lessons were possibly the best part of the week! As a designer I learned how to sketch at school but unfortunately never really developed the skill. So Olga's course was a great way to brush up on the principles of perspective and along the way I also picked up a whole suitcase of tricks on how to make my sketches look really professional! Olga's tutorials are fun, fast-moving, extremely well organised and after each lesson I felt like I made a whole lot of progress!

- Nadezhda Alexander, interior designer, London, Instagram: @TheSiberian


Some time ago I stumbled upon Olga’s profile on Instagram. I was instantly taken by her ability to make design ideas come to life with her vivid and detailed sketches. Unfortunately I don’t speak Russian, so when her sketch course came in English I didn’t hesitate to sign up for it. Olga is a splendid educator, and I am so pleased with the results I get.

The lessons are well structured, easy to follow, and you will quickly get nice results. She really loves sketching, and her passion goes into her teaching so you can’t help to get smitten by her enthusiasm.

I hope she will develop more of her courses in English, so I can continue evolving my sketching skills. If you would like to develop or improve your sketching skills I can only say, that by Olga’s help you can’t avoid improving your sketching.

- Betina Mølvang, interior designer, Copenhagen, Instagram: @betinamaj


I made BASE and PRO courses with Olga and I want to give her all the best compliments! The content is amazing and very good work she did with her courses!

- Fabrizio Govoniinterior designer, Estonia, Mail: g.fabrizio971@gmail.com


Lessons from the course are so interesting! Perspective drawing became easy for me after this course! I found Olga on YouTube and was soooo happy to learn from her! Her course is excellent!

Jameela Bintooksketcher, Mail: jameela9339@gmail.com






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