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where I post my recent commissions and interior drawings from my portfolio.


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Here are some of my clients:

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Marker drawings I made for “Seilern Architects”, London


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You can always commission a sketch from me or one of my students,

as you know I run an Online School of Sketching:

Here is my series of drawings I made for

Ralph Lauren HOME in St. Petersburg, Russia


Hand rendering is the best way to represent your design ideas
A good sketch is like a breath of fresh air. Looking at it should be an enlightening experience
— From one of my fave books: "Sketching with markers"

Noma restaurant, Copenhagen (watercolour and markers)

Sketch with markers and coloured pencils


I like a lot Richard Chadwick’s words:

"A return to hand crafted values offers a way forward from an entirely technologically based society, and the tactile feel of pencil on paper has its own reward. The sketches are also quicker and cheaper to produce than computer generated ones, which may in itself have a certain appeal. It’s nice to be able to offer the client a complete package including all the menu’s and signage."