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Marker drawings I made for “Seilern Architects”, London


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Here is my series of drawings I made for

Ralph Lauren HOME in St. Petersburg, Russia


Hand rendering is the best way to represent your design ideas
A good sketch is like a breath of fresh air. Looking at it should be an enlightening experience
— From one of my fave books: "Sketching with markers"

Noma restaurant, Copenhagen (watercolour and markers)

Sketch with markers and coloured pencils


I like a lot Richard Chadwick’s words:

"A return to hand crafted values offers a way forward from an entirely technologically based society, and the tactile feel of pencil on paper has its own reward. The sketches are also quicker and cheaper to produce than computer generated ones, which may in itself have a certain appeal. It’s nice to be able to offer the client a complete package including all the menu’s and signage."


One of the most interesting occupations is creating environment that surrounds you

You can influence it, modify it, and feel so creative and happy while doing it. Creating concepts, environments, spaces, ideas of territory development, solving urban planning tasks, facing challenges, and, as a result, making this world a better place, leaving a trace behind – that is what captivates in the profession of architect.  A city is a living tissue, an organism, built by the same laws as the man; only the material changes: space, air and stone replace blood and flesh. It’s like a white sheet for the artist; he himself wonders how his idea will be embodied, because the idea is a living thing that can transform in the process of creation, can dictate its terms, wanting to incarnate. This is a very exciting process; the man was made to create, to invent something new, something that will make the world better. Architecture provides excellent opportunities for creativity, even for boundless creativity; remember the architects-universals who could create a whole building starting from the door handle design.


Project of the apartment 70m2. Sketch-plan and 2 perspectives.


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When you feel, that watercolor is part of your nature 


Watercolor is my favorite technique since childhood. In my opinion, it is a very special technique, which lies on the boarder between drawing and painting. Its versatility is what attracts me most. Aquarelle allows me to catch a certain moment of life with all its lightness and transparency. For example, when I use the «alla prima» style (Italian, «at first attempt»), which implies finishing of the work before the first layers have dried, I am able to give special vivacity to the picture, so that it looks transparent and appears luminous.



Drawing water using aquarelle is what allows me to feel the full power of this technique. So, water scenes are my favorite theme for aquarelle drawings.

Aquarelle is ideal for travel sketches, since you need only 1-2 brushes, compact box of watercolors and sketchbook. You do not have to take a heavy easel, a lot of paints and canvas; all you need can fit even in a small handbag.

Process of drawing

I like to combine watercolor with other materials, such as architectural markers, pencils, whiting and even salt. Salt, for example, gives an interesting texture if you pour a bit of it on not yet dried watercolors. Such effects enhance my ability to improvise with watercolors, making it truly delightful to draw.

Graphics as the best way to reflect your ideas


Graphics, illustration give an infinite variety of possibilities to an artist. One can endlessly experiment with materials, color and texture of the paper, and even add whitening or watercolor to a drawing. Most of all I like to draw with a thin marker on a colored paper, adding whitening to enrich my graphics. Also, I am fond of drawing small details in my works, especially in cityscapes; it's so interesting to show character of each house.



Valencia. View of the Cathedral

Valencia. Calatrava

Barcelona. Gothic quarter

Triptych about old and modern architecture in SpaiN 

From the description to the contest of architectual drawing: "Spainish arcitecture has its hot spirit, a special significance and expression. Originality. Apparently the interaction of religions and cultures affected in such a way. This results in the diversity and freedom of expression. Here we can see magnificent work of light, which is contrast, generous, flooding all around, giving sharp shadows."

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My inspiration is journeys


Change of scenery, new cultures always give inflow of fresh thoughts and ideas, give a sense of freedom and vitality, what the French people call the “art de vivre”. I love big cities, capitals, their atmosphere and architecture. My hometown St. Petersburg inspires me a lot with its canals, palaces, parks, streets, and fantastic white nights. Also art, painting, especially Kandinsky, watercolors and calligraphy inspires me. And, of course, for each artist chief inspirer, muse is Nature; it is truly an inexhaustible source of ideas.  



Positive vibes over Copenhagen, acrylic on canvas, 50x60 cm

Science, acrylic on canvas, 35x25 cm